021 Upic U: United Way of Lake County video “Statisticks”


Learn about the creation and distribution of TED nominated video “Statisticks” from Upic member United Way of Lake County (IL).

Many United Ways are focusing on preparing children for school and life through a variety of educational partnerships and collaborations like Success by Six.

Last fall, Upic member United Way of Lake County produced an animated campaign video which tells the story of how small interventions in early in a child’s life can fundamentally change the direction of their life.  The video not only received the attention of their community, but was recently nominated as a finalist for a TED award.

In this podcast episode, UWLC staff members, Jennifer Yohan and Valerie Peterson share the journey of creating and sharing this informative and educational viral video which is perfectly aligned with their educational agenda.


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  • upicsolutions

    This is an amazing video.   In this episode, UWLC also shares how your United Way can reproduce this video for your United Way.

  • Nicole

    This video is excellent.  Hearing about how it was inspired made me appreciate it even more.

  • Jennifer Yonan

    Contact information for Outrigger3 of Madison, WI
    (the vendor United Way of Lake County used to produce the “Statisticks” video):

    John Holcomb@gmail:disqus John@outrigger3.com
    (608) 469-1667
    Amanda Veith veith.amanda@gmail.com

    We highly recommend them.  They are a fantastic, energetic, creative team!