About Upic

Upic Solutions is:

  • non-profit technology collaboration, created for and by United Way organizations. Our founding board members incorporated Upic as a stand-alone 501-c-3 tax exempt organization in March 2001 to help member United Ways pool their technology/ information processing staff, hardware and purchasing resources.
  • deeply rooted within the United Way system. Many of our staff members have vast United Way field experience, starting with our president who joined the United Way movement in 1982. Our deep understanding of the United Way and your needs brings a unique perspective in the field of technology and information support.
  • the first and largest United Way technology shared services organization. We pioneered the concept of sharing hardware and technology staff within the United Way movement. We recruit the most experienced and talented staff members from around the nation. Upic members share access to this expertise at a fraction of the cost of employing these same staff members on a full time basis.
  • a community of member United Ways focused on sharing expertise and ideas. Within the United Way movement, many of the great system-wide innovations started at a single organization. Upic is committed to identifying and sharing innovative ideas within our membership through the creative use of technology, starting with our member online community.

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