Our team members at Upic Solutions are proud of our accomplishments

Milestone Timeline

1998 – Lexington/Cincinnati Outsourcing Agreement

Lexington, KY outsources various backroom functions to the Cincinnati United Way, serving as the conceptual foundation for United Way Shared Services.

2000 – Feasibility Study Proves Concept of Shared Services

Cincinnati and Columbus fund a feasibility study for technology-shared services. Six United Way organizations become founding members of new nonprofit, Upic CEO hired.

2001 – Upic Formed as Separate 501(c)(3), Andar Selected as Database Standard

We incorporate as a tax-exempt organization and build our first commercial data center for United Way organizations, selecting Andar as our standard for campaign database management. We are an early adopter of Andar ePledge and pioneer paper pledge processing services. Andar hosting begins.

2002 – Andar ePledge Start-Up

As the primary development partner for Andar Allocations/Outcomes online module, our revenue reaches $1 million per year. Hosted by us, 59 ePledge accounts raise more than $27 million online.

2003 – IT Shared Services Start-Up

A feasibility study is completed to build the first United Way shared services organization. We invest in a second-generation commercial data center. We pass the 500,000th paper processing card milestone and pilot AR/AP remote services for 2 United Ways.

2004 – Upic Establishes HQ in Cincinnati, Merging 6 IT Departments

We consolidate 6 United Way IT departments into a single shared services group, creating the first shared services help desk for United Ways and first national contract for PC repair and replacement. Our headquarters is established in Cincinnati, expanding our staff from 2 to 12. We have 250 workstations under management and hire our first CIO.

2005 – Upic Opens Northern KY Office, Virtual Office Launched

We eliminate our membership fees and move into a new headquarters near the Cincinnati airport. We support more than 5,000 help desk tickets per year, reach a 1 million paper-processing milestone and establish Upic University distance learning opportunities. We create Upic Virtual Office, eliminating the need for local servers. United Way branded content management system for websites is launched. Upic revenue reaches $2 million a year.

2006 – 500 PC Workstations Covered by New Help Desk

Workstation management doubles to more than 500. We collaborate with Boston United Way to pool volumes for paper pledge processing, mobile technologies are first supported and our virtual office is installed in Louisville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo. We pilot our new help desk remote control capability.

2007 – Andar Help Desk Launched

Paper processing expands to three data entry locations and we reach our 1.5 million pledge-processing milestone. Our first CTO is hired and the Andar help desk is created, providing training and reporting capabilities. Our first Upic board retreat is held in Chicago and 188 ePledge accounts are hosted/configured, raising $36 million in online pledges. We have members in 10 states in the US.

2008 – St. Louis Joins Upic, Third Generation Data Center Opens

St. Louis joins Upic and we begin a semi-annual all member satisfaction survey. Our third generation data center hardware is installed and our revenue reaches $3 million a year. We have 344 ePledge accounts hosted/configured, raising $64 million in online pledges. We have members in 15 states in the US.

2009 – Chicago Joins Upic, 2 Millionth Paper-Pledge Card Processed

Chicago joins Upic and we are named one of the top 100 managed service providers. We have 405 ePledge accounts hosted/configured and 1,000 workstations under management. We reach a 2 million pledge-processing milestone. Also, new Internet filter and spam filter services are offered, bringing staffing to 18 positions.

2010 – Upic In-Sources and Creates New Member Services Help Desk

17,725 help desk tickets are resolved at 90% on time delivery, 433 ePledge accounts are hosted/configured and 235,000 paper-pledge cards are processed from 78 different templates.

2011 – Fourth Generation Data Center Opens, Upic Adds CRM Expertise

Fourth generation data center hardware is installed, 22,000 help desk tickets are resolved at 94% on time delivery rate and we reach a 2.5 million paper-pledge processing milestone. Our first Upic Summit is held in northern KY, and we rank 96 in the list of global top 100 managed service providers. We have 1,500 workstations under management, with 500 e-pledge accounts hosted and configured. Columbus pilots the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and staffing grows to 23 positions.

2012 – Upic Expands to West Coast, Help Desk Opens 12 Hours a Day

St. Louis and San Jose join our board, the UWWIN collaboration of 6 western United Way agencies join us. Our member services help desk hours expand to 12 hours per business day. 2,000 workstations are under management and staffing grows to 27 positions.

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