Password Reset

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In order to take advantage of the self service features, you must first enroll in the SpecOps uReset system. Click here to enroll.

Password reset

Once enrolled, you can use the tool to reset your password or unlock your account.

Why enroll

  • Save time, no need to wait for the help desk to reset the account for you.
  • Added account security, this process is more secure than other reset methods.
  • Anytime password resets, you don’t need to wait for Upic Member Services hours or other United Way team members.

Security and confidentiality

This password reset mechanism uses a claims-based identification method to validate you during enrollment and a password reset. The system uses a combination of mechanisms to validate you are who you say you are during the process.  Example options are social media accounts (Facebook or LinkedIn, for example), text message to your phone or token generator. You can select the methods that you are most comfortable with during enrollment.

Neither Upic, nor SpecOps uReset are storing or collecting your social media credentials. You are providing those credentials to the social media site, Facebook for example, and they provide us a token that is unique to your account with them. We store that token at enrollment, which does not give us access to your account, and compare against the token presented when you perform a password reset. We do store the provided phone number to text message you when you request that method to be used for a password reset, and only use that phone number for this system (Upic won’t call you on it otherwise, won’t put it in a directory, or share the number with anyone else, including your United Way).

Help or More Questions

Click here for additional detailed instructions.

If you need help or have other questions that are unanswered, please contact Upic Member Services.

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