Strategic Priorities

We fight to empower United Ways with mobile and cloud technology

  • Developing and supporting the next generation of mobile and cloud technologies for United Ways.
  • Enabling industry leading agility, innovation, and redundancy by moving applications to the Amazon and Microsoft clouds.
  • Securing donor data from modern threats with continuously evolving security practices and end user training.

We are the game changers that enable United Way donor engagement

  • Creating great individual experiences for United Way donors and volunteers.
  • Providing a central hub for all donor engagement and data integration.
  • Supporting key United Way initiatives like DSOG and Rubicon.

We raise our hands to optimize United Way operations

  • Flexible IT that maximizes technology value and minimizes complexity.
  • Collaboratively engage with United Ways to find solutions to tough problems.
  • Improve decision making with optimized business processes.

We unite to provide an unparalleled customer experience to United Ways

  • Trustworthy experts focused on the United Way mission.
  • Embody a customer-first culture.
  • Easy access to service and support.

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