UPIC Milestones

Technology on a Mission: Empowering United Ways

Our History

  •  - 2000: Feasibility Study Proves Concept of Shared Services

    Cincinnati and Columbus fund a feasibility study for technology-shared services.

  •  - 2001: Upic Solutions Company Officially Formed

    Six United Way organizations become founding members of a new nonprofit. We incorporate as a tax-exempt organization. We hire a CEO and build our first commercial data center for United Way organizations.

  •  - 2003: IT Shared Services Start-Up

    A feasibility study is completed to build the first United Way shared services organization. We invest in a second-generation commercial data center. We pass the 500,000th paper processing card milestone and pilot AR/AP remote services for 2 United Ways.

  •  - 2004: Upic Establishes Shared IT services, Merging 6 local United Way IT Departments

    We consolidate 6 United Way IT departments into a single shared services group, creating the first shared services help desk for United Ways and first national contract for PC repair and replacement. Our headquarters is established in Cincinnati.

  •  - 2005: Virtual Office Launched

    We create Upic Virtual Office, eliminating the need for local servers. United Way branded content management system for websites is launched.

  •  - 2006: 500 PC Workstations Covered by New Help Desk Support

    Workstation management doubles to more than 500. We collaborate with Boston United Way to pool volumes for paper pledge processing, mobile technologies are first supported, and our virtual office is installed in Louisville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo. We pilot our new help desk remote control capability.

  •  - 2007: Upic Help Desk Expands Services

    Paper processing expands to three data entry locations and we reach our 1.5 million pledge-processing milestone. Our first CTO is hired and the Andar help desk is created, providing training and reporting capabilities. Our first Upic board retreat is held in Chicago and 188 ePledge accounts are hosted/configured, raising $36 million in online pledges.

  •  - 2008: Upic Begins Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Third Generation Data Center Opens

    Upic starts all-member satisfaction survey. Our third-generation data center hardware is installed, and we reach 344 ePledge accounts hosted/configured, raising $64 million in online pledges. We have members in 15 states in the US.

  •  - 2009: 2 Millionth Paper-Pledge Card Processed

    Upic is named one of the top 100 managed service providers. We have 405 ePledge accounts hosted/configured and 1,000 workstations under management. We reach a 2 million dollar pledge-processing milestone. Also, new Internet filter and spam filter services are offered.

  •  - 2010: Upic In-Sources and Creates New Member Services Help Desk

    17,725 help desk tickets are resolved at 90% on time delivery, 433 ePledge accounts are hosted/configured and 235,000 paper-pledge cards are processed from 78 different templates.

  •  - 2011: Fourth Generation Data Center Opens, Upic Adds CRM Expertise

    Fourth generation data center hardware is installed, 22,000 help desk tickets are resolved at 94% on time delivery rate and we reach a 2.5 million paper-pledge processing milestone. Our first Upic Summit is held in northern KY, and we rank 96 in the list of global top 100 managed service providers. We have 1,500 workstations under management, with 500 e-pledge accounts hosted and configured. Columbus pilots the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

  •  - 2012: Upic Expands to West Coast, Help Desk Opens 12 Hours a Day

    The UWWIN collaboration of 6 western United Way agencies join us. Our member services help desk hours expand to 12 hours per business day. 2,000 workstations are under management.

  •  - 2013: Now Serving 20% of United Way Technology Market

    Upic, providing application hosting, information processing and related technology services expands to over 20% of the United Way staff domestically and represent the single largest provider of technology services to the United Way.

  •  - 2014: Upic adds more focus on security and IT services

    Upic begins communicating with its customers about system vulnerabilities and protecting their systems by implementing security standards as part of their IT policies and procedures. Upic emphasizes that while Upic does not manage the network equipment, we’re happy to advise or assist all United Ways with their technology.

  •  - 2015: J.R. Howard named new Upic CEO

    The Upic Board of Directors announce the appointment of Mr. Josh R. “J.R.” Howard III, MCSE to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Along with this, they commit to support J.R. in building more innovation and a successful future for Upic to effectively serve United Way offices.

  •  - 2015: New Application Support Subscription

    To add more value for member United Ways, we launched an application subscription
    model to support United Ways with a known monthly cost. This added additional
    training and support for United Ways.

  •  - 2016: Upic in the Public Cloud

    To allow for additional flexibility, reduce risk, and increase performance, Upic
    deployed a dedicated cloud environment for United Way of Snohomish County on
    Amazon Web Services located in Oregon. This proved the concept for future expansion,
    and also expanded our familiarity with the Enterprise campaign management system.

  •  - 2016: Upic announces the launch of a new mobile- and tablet-friendly website

    UpicSolutions.org was created with “responsive web design,” which made it adaptable for any sized screen, including a desktop PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet – all with equal ease. The new website made it easier for United Way customers to access their most important services no matter where they are.

  •  - 2016: Upic announces its 4th generation cloud platform

    With a desire to leverage the latest technology from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Upic announces its first ‘Cloud in the Cloud’ platform. The benefits were immediate: Infinite flexibility with storage capacity in minutes, faster access, improved security, and improved software deployments improving end-user experience.

  •  - 2016: Upic ‘Walks the Talk’ in giving back to the community

    Upic continues its focus on supporting the United Way Mission by launching its million-step challenge during campaign season. Each Upic team member was equipped with a Fitbit and a Fitbit group to share our progress. Our goal was for each employee to walk 1 million steps by the end of the year.

  •  - 2017: Upic releases Community Connect software solution

    Upic moves into software with the release of Upic Community Connect, built around Microsoft Dynamics 365. Upic Solutions, a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, leverages years of experience in cloud technology, applications, and CRM expertise to help United Ways better engage with their community. Initially developed for United Way of Central Ohio, it was quickly adopted by High Point, Richmond, Tampa and Baltimore.

  •  - 2017: Upic partners with ClickDimensions

    Upic brings the best email marketing and marketing automation to Upic Community Connect, announcing a partnership with ClickDimensions. 100% integrated with our Community Connect solution and provides powerful tools to connect with donors.

  •  - 2017: Upic team participates in Cincinnati’s ComSpark conference

    The Upic team spent time with 2000+ Cincinnati area technology workers and 150+ companies engaging, celebrating, and giving back. Upic received a Corporate Tech and Innovation award for creating Community Connect for United Ways.

  •  - 2017: Upic increases training offerings with KnowBe4 partnership

    Through its partnership with KnowBe4, Upic offers United Ways comprehensive defense against cyber-attacks, scams and other potentially costly security threats. Upic combines KnowBe4’s trusted tools, technologies and trainings with its intimate understanding of United Ways specific technology needs. As part of the program, each United Way gets annual security awareness training, weekly phish test and scam emails, and other monthly security hints and tips

  •  - 2017: Upic leads the way with Facebook Ad engagement ideas

    Using a Facebook ad pilot project, Upic was able to show local United Ways how to target significantly more than 75% of our desired audience, in 48 hours, with a budget of about $20. As 68% of US adults have a Facebook account — many populated with likes, dislikes, and a myriad of demographic and psychographic data — it’s easier to target constituents and those with similar interests.

  •  - 2017 – Upic gives thanks at Freestore Foodbank

    The Upic team participated in a regular volunteering effort by gong to the local Freestore Foodbank to help with the annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution. The team packed and sorted nearly 2000 pounds of food. Did you know that this amount of food can provide over 1600 meals to those in need. Hunger is a problem that continues to impact the community all year long, and J.R. Howard, CEO, reconfirmed the commitment of his team to help improve the lives of those in local communities everywhere.

  •  - 2017: J.R. Howard releases Vision 2020

    In the 16 years we have been doing business, helping United Ways grow, adapt, and evolve has been the driving force behind everything we do at Upic. Technology is only useful if it enables United Ways to transform the way they engage with donors, empower employees, optimize operations, and reinvent business models. In our Vision 2020 plan, we share with you our vision for how we will achieve these goals.

  •  - 2018: Upic announces integration with new Philanthropy Cloud

    As Salesforce.org launches the new Philanthropy Cloud in partnership with United Way, Upic offers support to its customers by providing data integration to local donor management systems. Upic continues its focus on helping local United Ways engage with their most important person . . . their donor.