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Workplace & Mobility

Keep your mission on track. With Upic you can make an impact from anywhere.

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Integrate your systems

Stay in Sync. Share your data across all your systems.

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Continue Learning

Get the most out of your technology investment and let Upic train your team.

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Connect with Donors

Our Community Connect allows you to engage your donors and gain campaign insights.

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Cloud Hosting

Relax. Let Upic manage your technology for you.

Your Success Story

At Upic Solutions, we make it our business to stay abreast of trends in technology and fundraising and only bring to the table those solutions that have been embraced by United Way users.

Upic's unique co-op business model offers customers affordable access to innovative technology and a partner who can help you leverage it to reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and deliver a great user experience for staff and donors alike.

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Your Mission, Our Resources

Upic Community Connect

Upic’s new Community Connect CRM is designed for United Ways who are looking for easy-to-use tools to better engage with their community. It integrates with Andar/360, Microsoft products like PowerBI and Outlook, Click Dimensions for email marketing, Eventbrite for event management, and more, enabling United Ways to develop a closer relationship with their donors through improved individual engagement.

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