Easy Access to Your Applications and Files from any Device

As more of us are working remotely, access to nonprofit applications and files you rely on such as Andar and Office 365 is crucial to keep things operating efficiently and effectively. Virtual Office / Andar Hosting brings these fundraising software applications, to you anywhere, on nearly any device.

We have been providing remote connectivity solutions for United Ways for many years. You can rely on us to help team members transition to work remotely and back to the office as needed and manage your hosting.

Virtual office and hosting
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United Ways Save Time with
Virtual Office / Andar Hosting

United Ways tell us they are often faced with reoccurring costs of hardware, maintenance, patches, backups, and poor security practices. Without an internal IT department, working through these issues can be challenging. By moving to Virtual Office / Andar Hosting, you can turn to Upic Solutions for these types of issues. We remove your concerns surrounding the management of local server hardware and applications. In addition, this service provides the scalability needed as your workload and team may change or grow.

Virtual Office / Andar Hosting - Features and Benefits:

Let’s talk about the applications you rely on and how we can save you time by hosting them and supporting your team

Access to Andar and Office 365 anywhere, from almost any device

Flexibility, ease of use and accessibility no matter where you are, even remotely

Ability to scale up and down to meet current demand or staffing needs

Assurance that you have agility in a dynamic, changing world

Multiple methods for backup and recovery

Peace of mind knowing your valuable information and data is safe and there when you need it

Cloud Hosting, no need for local server hardware

No need for an internal IT department. One easy call to Upic does it all

The Upic team can help you

Discover how Upic can help your United Way.

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