UPDATE (Nov 30, 2017): Apple has released a fix for this vulnerability, and it is available to update from the App store.


Yesterday, a vulnerability was reported to Apple and the rest of the world, impacting users running Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.x). This vulnerability allows anyone with access to the system to login as the administrator user with the “root” account.

We are contacting organizations who we detect as running a vulnerable version of Mac OS. However, we expect there are more in use by our member United Ways not running the Labtech agent. For those systems, the OS version can be checked by selecting “About this Mac” from the Apple icon on the top-left tool-bar on a Mac. If it says “Version 10.13.x”, where x can be any number, the system is vulnerable.

For more details on this vulnerability, including steps that can be taken to work around it, please visit 9to5mac’s article, or view the video below. If you need assistance, Member Services is here to help.

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