It’s time for performance reviews, hooray!  Said no one, ever.  But, why not?  Why is this time of year so dreaded by employees and managers alike?

Maybe it’s because your performance review process involves your employees spending countless hours recapping minute details of their work in the last year.  Or, maybe it’s the pages upon pages of the performance appraisal where they repeatedly rate themselves on different work traits and then make a laundry list of their “strengths” and “development needs.” Or maybe it’s the quick, casual conversation they have with you to talk through their last twelve months of work, which seems to only add time to their day but no value. 

There are so many ways to make sure that your team knows that their contributions are important to and recognized by your organization, none of which involve cumbersome processes that are completed just for the sake of doing them.  First, goal setting conversations at the beginning of the year provide the best framework to keep managers and team members on the same page with what’s most important and what will be measured during performance review time.  Then, regular performance check-ins throughout the year provide the opportunity to not only connect one-on-one but to also ensure that employees are on track with their goals and objectives.  Finally, annual performance reviews should be a time that both you and your team members look forward to as a way of revisiting and discussing their awesome accomplishments.  

Utilize the performance review process with your team members in a way that gives them the opportunity to grow, shine, and feel celebrated for their contributions to your organization! Learn more about making the most out of your performance management discussions – join me on Tuesday, November 8 at 1:30 Eastern.

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