Over the past year, Upic has focused on transforming and expanding the software and services that we provide to the United Way network. We have listened to our partners and built expanded solutions to meet your needs based on your feedback. We appreciate your input and hope you will keep it coming!

Here is a summary of our results – as we continue our commitment to respond and make investments in technology and people to help you: 

New and Expanded Service Offerings

Human Resources and Accounting Shared Services

You can partner with Accounting and Human Resource experts from Upic to augment your team. United Ways rely on us as a trusted resource to help develop policies, strategy, and for operational assistance. The result for United Ways is saving time and money, allowing you to focus on donors and community impact.

Phones & Better Work From Anywhere Solutions

Partnerships Upic has with Microsoft and 8×8 are enabling United Ways to shift from legacy phone systems that require users to be in the office, or don’t unify the experience across voice, video, chat, and conferencing. Are you waiting for constituents to leave you voice mail to respond, or using your personal cell phone number to communicate? Modern phone systems allow for you to place and receive calls from your work number, on any device. We are making this a reality, all supported by the friendly team at Upic you already know.

We are also helping United Ways move from an office with centralized servers that are hard or clunky to access from home to cloud-based file and directory services that work from anywhere – securely. They also help save money, as we get rid of expensive servers and the management of them using technology you are already paying for.

Additional Security & Training

Security Awareness Training

Through our partnership with KnowBe4, Upic offers United Ways comprehensive defense against cyber-attacks, fraud and other potentially costly security threats. By combining KnowBe4’s trusted tools, technologies, and training with Upic’s intimate understanding of United Way specific business needs, each United Way can ensure it stays protected and compliant while also empowering employees to be the human security system of United Way.

We are proud to add this service as an integral part of our Virtual Office and Upic Essentials offerings, ensuring everyone has access to necessary training for both cyber and operational security.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

With the increase of cyber threats, we have added additional software and cybersecurity experts to assist in the detection and response of incidents. Antivirus only goes so far, and we wanted to strengthen our posture on the clients we manage. These tools are combined with human expertise and analysis to provide for a fast response.

This provides additional protection from ransomware threats, by including canary files on workstations which if modified, will immediately notify our team, and allow us to lock down the system to contain the threat. It also includes better reporting of what has been detected and controlled, enabling your United Way to see the results.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is strong authentication technology that requires something you have (a cell phone) and something you know (a password). By requiring both during authentication, it greatly reduces the risk of successful phishing attacks. While MFA is rolled out for most of our partners Office 365 environments, we are requiring it as of July 1 for those we manage.

Integrated Online Giving – New Options 

Integrated Online Giving powered by Salesforce.org Elevate® is launching officially in May! It allows you to create giving pages for various causes and campaigns. You can create campaigns where donors can easily give online, securely. Giving can be one-time or recurring. And it all integrates with CRM Lite.

Please keep the ideas coming.  We are available to talk anytime and look forward to seeing you face to face at an upcoming conference.

What do you think?  Any of these programs interest you?  If so, please reach out to Don Bayne to learn more or to get a demo: donald.bayne@upicsolutions.org

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