Upic has been hard at work over the last few months working to become a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner. “With the changes happening in the non-profit space and United Way network we felt it was important to partner with a company that not only is the leading provider of cloud-based software, serving over 39,000 non-profits, but also is deeply connected to their community and extremely committed to serving the non-profit sector.” says J.R. Howard, Chief Executive Officer of Upic Solutions. He goes on to say, “We wanted to be in the very best position to serve our United Way members. We already are deeply rooted with in the United Way network and adding Salesforce to our tool belt will give us the opportunity to not only plug-in to transformation occurring the network, but to be a leader and help drive our United Ways further on the journey to a donor-centric system.”

Upic plans to have 20% of it’s team certified on Salesforce’s Non-profit Success Pack™ by the end of 2019. In addition it is also working with handful of local United Ways to launch Upic Connect, a donor engagement platform focused around the donor and United Way operations, which will be available to local United Ways starting in April 2019.

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