Today there was a large increase in ransomware attacks on computers across the globe, where hackers lock data up and hold it for ransom. The attack targeted computers that weren’t updated against a vulnerability with an available fix. This is one reason why many United Ways choose to host their data on Upic’s Virtual Office, as we stay abreast of security concerns and address them proactively so you can focus on your mission.

This vulnerability was announced in March, and the fix for this vulnerability was applied to Upic’s systems shortly after its release. This incident is also a good time to remind all users of their role in system security — antivirus software cannot catch all viruses. Pay close attention to all emails received, especially when there are attachments or links in an email. Make sure you were expecting the file or link, that the sender looks legitimate, and the destination of any link in an email goes to a known location. The simple act of opening one file or clicking on one link is all it takes to infect systems with a virus, like ransomware.

If your United Way has not implemented computer security training, or you would like an alternative to your current offering, we have recently partnered with KnowBe4 to offer it along with continuous testing and validation of the training for your team. Please reach out and we’ll discuss how to implement it for your United Way.

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