Email marketing is a proven and effective digital marketing technique.   However, establishing an email marketing campaign that delivers results is not a walk in the park. The process requires establishing content that will land in the inbox of the targeted users instead of the junk folder. People rarely check the email content on their junk folder and are more likely to act on emails delivered to their main folder, so ensuring email inbox deliverability is essential in creating effective email campaigns.

How do you create content that ensures email deliverability?

Consider the following practices when creating content that is aimed at email inboxes:

  • Personalize your message: Generic messages are…. generic. When possible, ensure the content is topical and of interest to each individual recipient. This reduces the odds of the message being flagged or being discarded immediately.
  • Avoid spammy subjects: Strive to create simple, straightforward, and clear subjects for the intended audiences. This will help the audiences understand your message and instead not flag it as spam, thus not affecting future emails delivered to the audiences. Similarly, avoid words that may trigger your email to be considered spam.
  • Strive to create reputable content: Deliver content that that is reliable by ensuring that the information within your email reflects why the audience opted to subscribe to your emails.
  • Segment all your email audiences: Strive to ensure you direct the right email messages to segmented audiences. This involves segmenting your audiences depending on their reasons for subscribing to your emails. Delivering the right emails to the right audience segments will keep them more interested, thus improving your email deliverability and conversion rate
  • Be consistent: Be consistent in sending emails, but do not send too frequently. Consistency will help keep your messages relevant to the audience, whereas sending messages too often may make them lose interest and could cause it to be flagged as spam.
  • Test your emails: Always test your emails for deliverability before sending them to your audience. Consider using tools such as mailGenius or litmus that may evaluate your email deliverability before sending them to determine whether the emails will be delivered to the inbox of your audiences.
  • Make unsubscribing easy: When there is not an easy way to unsubscribe, the audience will flag the message as spam. Common email filters also check for an unsubscribe link, and when absent flag the message as junk and do not deliver the message. Make sure emails have an obvious way to unsubscribe, and follow-through with any unsubscribe requests.

More to read…

Creating good quality content is foundational to effective email deliverability. Once in place, the focus should shift to maintaining a clean email list which will be covered in future blog posts. 

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