October 18, 2021 – In November, Upic Solutions will reach a key milestone as it implements its 50th CRM Lite system within the United Way network. Upic’s CRM Lite is a powerful donor relationship management system that gives United Way teams new campaign insights, pledge and payment reporting, and dashboards providing real-time information into their campaigns and fundraising.

Reflecting on reaching its 50th customer milestone, Don Bayne, VP of Partner Success at Upic Solutions said, “We are very proud of the progress of our CRM Lite product and the impact it has had already for local United Ways.  When we get a chance to demo the product to customers, they see right away how it can benefit them in terms of saving time, enhancing fund raising campaigns, and improving donor relations.  And that is because our United Way partners and Upic team members have worked closely together to continuously improve the CRM Lite product since its initial launch 2 years ago.”

CRM Lite is powered by Salesforce.org Non-Profit Success Pack® (NPSP) which is in use by over 47,000 non-profits. CRM Lite’s cloud-based interface adds United Way specific features such as donor designations and payouts, along with training and support. Its integration with Microsoft Outlook and a full-featured mobile app provide powerful donor engagement and donor CRM tools for local United Way teams. 

“Some of the current systems being used by local United Way offices today are more transactional and only focused on the back office, and not on development,” Mr. Bayne said.  “Resource and development teams love CRM Lite because it gets them into a modern platform that is more visual – where they can actually view and see data differently and more completely.”

Want to learn more?  Contact Don directly at donald.bayne@upicsolutions.org, sign up for an online CRM Lite demo HERE

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