JR, Jim and I traveled to Orlando to meet with friends, new and old at the United Way Finance, Talent and Technology Management Forum. We were able to meet with United Ways, big and small, from across the country. In those conversations there were a few common areas of interest: Risk Management, Business Intelligence (BI), CRM and Cloud technologies.

 At Upic, we have solutions today to address some of these needs. Our cloud hosting platform is moving to the cloud, providing even more flexibility and the ability for new Upic members to reduce risk. We’ve heard stories of flooded servers, equipment failures, IT staff churn and more — impacting a United Way’s ability to execute on their mission. Our Virtual Office platform ensures servers are backed up (and validated), software updated, and managed by a team of System Administrators solely serving United Way needs. By managing this infrastructure the right way we reduce risk, allowing you to sleep well at night.

As United Ways implement BI and CRM solutions we can fill that gap where you want to move your data to and from donor management systems into the new technology — in a very cost effective manner. We’re also innovating in this space and will have more to announce in the new year. 

We look forward to continuing these conversations at the Great Rivers Regional and Fundraising for Impact Summit in 2017, and hope everyone had safe travels back from Orlando.

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